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SRI: The 12 Stages of Extraordinary

Join us for this 3-part series and be guided on how to access the physical tools to experience more peace, connection, joy, depth, levity, and MORE! Over the course of this series you will witness, learn, practice, and begin to explore the exercises known fondly as the 12 Stages of EXTRAORDINARY, which are magical tools for living a more authentic and embodied life.
The series includes 3 weekly 1.5 hour classes, each with a different tone or ‘season’ of life as a primary focus.
The first class begins with the season of DISCOVER. In this class, we get raw, real, and become good at mining the gifts of suffering, polarity, and ‘stuckness’. As we gradually heighten our awareness, ability to acknowledge, and presence with these states, we build a foundation for more meaningful and sustainable progress and growth in life.
The second class moves quickly into the season of TRANSFORMATION. Like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly, it undergoes an exquisite metamorphosis. Similarly, Stages 4-7 walk us through the powerful emotional states of courageously reclaiming our personal power, seeing beyond the illusion of past stories and limiting beliefs, and building the energy and momentum required for full and complete resolution!
The third class picks up where the last class leaves off. What do we place in our ‘new closet’ once we’ve cleaned and released all the old, worn out stories, habits, and ideas that no longer serve us? We’ve just powerfully cleaned out the old energy that was held in a location(s) of our body, and now we’re ready to FLY!
Welcome the season of AWAKENING! In stages 8-12 we move through emptiness in spaciousness, filling our body with light (and love), ascending (i.e. the mountaintop of our soul’s wisdom), descending (with our soul’s unique signature and gifts), and sharing those gifts in community. This class also more fully embraces the concept and experience of the season of INTEGRATION – or the conscious blending of different seasons and stages.
Like any other system which has the capacity for depth, the 12 Stages can be used and honed over a lifetime. This series can be taken as an introduction, but is also a wonderful refresher course opportunity to gain greater insight, depth, and levity/joy!
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