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Buddha Kat Winery and Tasting Room – Tillamook



Buddha Kat Winery, of Tillamook and Seaside Oregon, lovingly handcrafts wines that not only celebrate the great variety of grapes available in the Pacific Northwest, but also the rich bounty of berries and fruits that Oregonians love. Their award-winning fruit, dessert, and varietal wines maximize the flavor and essence of each wine. Fruit wines are easily enjoyed with family and friends for all those warm weather gatherings whereas fruit port-style wines and reds are best during and after luscious dinners and around warm fires. Savor Buddha Kat’s 96-point Framboise Chocolate port style wine which is considered one of the finest wines in the world, or one of their truly unique wines such as the bright, tart Rhubarb; the sweet, delicious Blackberry; the luxurious Myrtille port, or more traditional varietal wines like Merlot with hints of coffee and cocoa; or a bright Cabernet Sauvignon with cherry and tobacco finish. When you need a serene moment, experience Buddha Kat wines.


Buddha Kat Winery