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101 Taco Truck

(541) 315-0375


Southern California style Taco Truck located on Hwy 101.

Locally and family owned food truck, serving Authentic Mexican Cuisine.

Order ONLINE and pickup!

Open WEDS/THURS 11:30am-5pm, FRI 11:30am-8pm & SAT Noon-6pm

101 Taco Truck logo.jpeg

101 Taco Truck serving Authentic Mexican Cuisinecourtesy of 101 Taco Truck

101 Taco Truck birra tacos.jpeg

Birria Tacoscourtesy of 101 Taco Truck


Weds & Thurs 11:30am-5pm, Fri 11:30am-8pm, and Sat Noon-6pm