Digging for Gold

With the right tools, proper licensing and a thirst for success, you can easily spend hours out on the sand digging for delicious clams. Clamming, while rigorous work, is a fun family activity where you’re rewarded with fresh seafood at the end of your excursion. Netarts Bay and Barview County Park are two popular clamming sites, thanks to their thick sandy shores. Check your tide book for the next low or minus tide, or catch a clamming clinic hosted by Harborview Inn & RV Park in Garibaldi.

clamming clinic
clamming clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I get a shellfish license?

    You can obtain a license online at the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife website, or locally at Tillamook Sporting Goods Store. It’s a good idea to keep it on you at all times.

  • What tools do I need?

    You can successfully clam with just a shovel and a bucket, and preferably some waterproof shoes. Really no more is needed than that.

  • Where are the best clamming spots?

    Clamming requires a low tide, so anywhere the tide is out is a good spot to go clamming. Our most popular spots are Netarts Bay and Tillamook Bay; you can find other spots in our online attractions map. Just be sure to check our tide book before you go out and give yourself enough time to get back to shore before the tide.

  • I’m new to clamming, are there any classes in the area?

    You can regularly find clamming clinics offered by Harborview Inn in Garibaldi, as well as free classes each spring by the Explore Nature Series.