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Cape Meares Lighthouse & Octopus Tree

Visit the shortest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast and follow the train to the famous and historic Octopus Tree.

This truly unique lighthouse was built in 1889 and proudly bears the title of the shortest lighthouse in Oregon. At only 38-feet-tall, Cape Meares Lighthouse may not be colossal in size, but it is a delightful sight to see nonetheless. Visitors and especially lighthouse collectors will find it impossibly difficult to pass up the interpretive gift shop that adjoins Cape Meares Lighthouse. Admission to the lighthouse is free and it is handicap accessible, although visitors should be advised that the trail up from the lighthouse is moderately steep. The lighthouse is open to visitors from April 1 thru October 31 (weather permitting).

The Monstrosity Tree, the Candelabra Tree, the Council Tree, and the Octopus Tree are all local nicknames for the botanical mystery that presides in Tillamook County.

Located at the Cape Meares Wildlife Refugee, the Octopus Tree is a truly one of the “modern wonders of the world.” With a 50 foot base, towering size, historic age, and flexible branches, the tree is hard to miss! Although some say the tentacle-shaped branches of the Octopus Tree formed naturally, historians have come to the conclusion that the tree was shaped for sacred veneration practices by early American Indian tribes.

3500 Cape Meares Loop, Tillamook, OR 97141
(503) 842-2244

Cape Meares Lighthouse