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Tillamook County Quilt Trail

Learn more about the historical Tillamook farming heritage by following the largest quilt trail on the Oregon Coast. .

The self-guided trail begins at the Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce building, which displays a large wooden block painted in the Oregon Star pattern. This unconventional type of trail highlights Tillamook County’s 150 year old dairy farming heritage, while also drawing attention to the history of traditionaal quilting in the Northwest. Sixteen barns and buildings, many of historical significance, can be found along the trail, each marked by an identifying quilt block. The Tillamook County Quilt Trail makes for an enjoyable drive around the Tillamook area and an educational experience that is like no other in the Northwest. The quilt blocks can be found near Tillamook on Highway 101, Highway 6, Wilson River Loop and McCormick Loop. A map on the Quilt Trail’s website also shows the trail extending to Rockaway Beach and Wheeler.

In 2010, the “Walk Our Block” quilt trail, also a self-guided tour, began with 35 blocks appearing on local businesses in the downtown Tillamook area. Many of the businesses treated their buildings with a power washing or new paint job to highlight their chosen block. The following year, 35 more quilt blocks were added to not only the downtown area, but extending farther south and north along 101. A map for the “Walk Our Blocks” trail is also available on the Quilt Trail website. The map will also give the name of the quilt pattern, along with a brief description of the business hosting a quilt block.

Watch for 14 new blocks to appear in the spring of 2013, as far north as Manzanita and south as Cloverdale.