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Voices of Nature: Listen, Explore, Join in

Participants will listen to surrounding natural sounds in different locations around the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology  campus and transform them into words, drawings and movement through games. We will use pieces of paper to note down impressions, which will become starting points to create group improvisations, exploring body percussion sounds and the voice. We will approach the creation of sound as we approach listening to wild places, with the care used while exploring sounds outdoors. Finally, we will experience conducting a group, and singing-sounding a song together, either taught by the instructor or created collectively, that will be recorded for participants to keep. Children must be accompanied by a participating adult.

About the Instructor

Altea Narici writes songs inspired by wildlife and ecology and shares them on her travels. She has lead workshops on music and sound in several schools, cultural and community centers in Europe and the US, often as an Ambassador of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation. She roots her workshops in the natural world, proposing a receptive environment to explore sound together in a transformative and fun way.



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