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Munson Creek Waterfall

Follow the winding Munson Creek Trail on the Oregon Coast to discover the breathtaking site of the Munson Creek Waterfall.

Favored for its accessibility and height, Munson Creek Falls is an impressive waterfall with a stunning 266-foot drop, making it one of Oregon’s largest falls and certainly one of the most beautiful. The base of the waterfall can be approached by following the lower trail, which is a relatively simple half mile stroll. Gorgeous views can be found at the end of the lower trail, as well as a convenient picnic area. The more strenuous upper trail offers many picturesque sights along the way, leading up to a breathtaking view at the summit. While spring and fall are the more favored times to visit, all seasons present their own unique splendor. The Munson Creek Falls and the trails that accompany it are appropriate for children and adults of all ages.

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Munson Creek Falls